Aguacate Lagoon

Aguacate Lagoon is a lake and private reserve located in Western Belize 20 minutes away from the Mennonite community Spanish Lookout. The Lagoon is an herbaceous swamp with permanent waterlogged vegetation. The estimated terrain elevation above sea level is 96 metres. The reserve is approximately 284 acres.[1]

Aguacate Lagoon
Aguacate Lagoon is located in Belize
Aguacate Lagoon
Aguacate Lagoon
Coordinates17°19′18.98″N 89°4′22″W / 17.3219389°N 89.07278°W / 17.3219389; -89.07278Coordinates: 17°19′18.98″N 89°4′22″W / 17.3219389°N 89.07278°W / 17.3219389; -89.07278


In the 1958 the Mennonites were the first group of people to move and settle around the area Spanish Lookout from the Northern part of Mexico. They settled as farmers, in the 1960s, agriculture made strides at Spanish Lookout.[2] "Aguacate" is Spanish for avocado, and there are countless avocado trees located at the reserve; it is believed that is how the lagoon got its name. The area was officially declared as a private reserve is 1987 and it is managed by the Aguacate Park officials.[3]

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