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Agathocles (Greek: Ἀγαθοκλῆς, flourished 4th century BC) was a Greek nobleman who was a contemporary to King Philip II of Macedon who reigned 359 BC-336 BC.

Agathocles was a Thessalian serf[1] from Crannon.[2] His father’s name may have been Alcimachus. It was through his flattery that Agathocles became an intimate friend of Philip II,[1] who raised him to high rank.[3] Agathocles was granted Macedonian citizenship for himself and his family.[2] Agathocles shared in Philip II’s councils and Phillip II sent him to deal with the Perrhaebi and Agathocles took charge of affairs in that area.[1]

There is a possibility that Phillip II rewarded Agathocles for his services with estates in Pella.[1] Agathocles became a favorite in the Argead court in Pella and his family assimilated into Macedonian society.[1]

Agathocles married an unnamed Greek woman, a local Thessalian, perhaps a woman called Arsinoe. With his wife they had four sons:


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