Agapios Tomboulis

Agapios Tomboulis (Hagop Stambulyan) (Greek: Αγάπιος Τομπούλης; 1891–1965) was a famous Armenian and Greek oud player of rebetiko and Greek folk music, Armenian folk music, Turkish folk music, Jewish folk music born in Constantinople, he is known for being a well known associate of Roza Eskenazi.

Agapios Tomboulis
Smyrna style trio: K. Lambros, R. Eskenazi, A. Tomboulis (Athens, 1930)
Smyrna style trio: K. Lambros, R. Eskenazi, A. Tomboulis (Athens, 1930)
Background information
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Died1965 (73-74)
Athens, Greece
GenresRebetiko (Smyrneiko)
Years active1900s-1965
Associated actsRoza Eskenazi
Smyrna Trio

Life and careerEdit

Smyrna Trio (R-L) Dimitrios Semsis, Agapios Tomboulis, Roza Eskenazi (Athens, 1932)

Early lifeEdit

Hagop Stambulyan was born in 1891 in the Pera district of İstanbul to an Armenian father and a Greek mother.[1]

Smyrna TrioEdit


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