African Herbsman is a 1973 Trojan Records repackage of Bob Marley and the Wailers' 1971 album Soul Revolution Part II produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry, which had had a limited Jamaica only release. African Herbsman was released shortly after the band's major-label debut album Catch a Fire had been released by Island Records.

African Herbsman
Compilation album by
ReleasedJuly 1973 (1973-07)
GenreEarly Reggae
ProducerLee Perry
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Catch a Fire
African Herbsman
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The album differs from Soul Revolution Part II by adding five other tracks from the period. Four of the added tracks are non-album singles, including two of the group's self-productions, "Trenchtown Rock" and "Lively Up Yourself", as well as "400 Years" by Peter Tosh from the album Soul Rebels.

Several of the songs would later be re-recorded by Marley for his later albums; examples are "Lively Up Yourself" (on Natty Dread), "Duppy Conqueror", "Put It On" and "Small Axe" (on Burnin'), and "Sun Is Shining" (on Kaya).

Track listing Edit

Original album (1973) Edit

All tracks written by Bob Marley, unless noted.

Side one
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Lively Up Yourself"Bob MarleyNon-album single (1971)2:53
2."Small Axe"MarleyNon-album single (1970)3:54
3."Duppy Conqueror"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)3:44
4."Trenchtown Rock"MarleyNon-album single (1971)2:57
5."African Herbsman"Richie HavensSoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:24
6."Keep on Moving"Lee Perry, Curtis Mayfield, MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)3:09
7."Fussing and Fighting"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:28
8."Stand Alone"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:12
Side two
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
9."All in One" (medley pt.1) ("Bend Down Low" / "Nice Time" / "One Love" /
"Simmer Down" / "It Hurts to Be Alone" / "Lonesome Feelings" /
"Love and Affection" / "Put It On" / "Duppy Conqueror")
Neville Livingston, MarleyNon-album single (1971)3:36
10."Don't Rock the Boat"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)4:33
11."Put it On"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)3:33
12."Sun Is Shining"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:15
13."Kaya"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:39
14."Riding High"Neville Livingston, Cole PorterSoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:44
15."Brain Washing"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:38
16."400 Years"Peter ToshSoul Rebels (1970)2:32

Trojan Records reissue (2003) Edit

Bonus tracks cat# 06076-80399-2 6[2]
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
17."Memphis" (The Upsetters dub version)Chuck BerrySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:09
18."Live" ("Lively Up Yourself" version)Tommy McCookNon-album single (1971)2:51
19."More Axe"Bob MarleyNon-album single (1970)2:31
20."the Axe Man" ("Small Axe" version)The UpsettersNon-album single (1970)2:47
21."Zig Zag" ("Duppy Conqueror" version)The UpsettersNon-album single (1970)2:58
22."Grooving Kingston 12" ("Trenchtown Rock" version)Bob Marley and the WailersNon-album single (1971)2:56
23."Moving Version" (DJ Big Youth version)Lee Perry, Curtis Mayfield, Bob MarleyNon-album single (1971)2:58
24."Keep on Skanking"Bob MarleyNon-album single (1974)3:21
25."Copasetic:" ("All in One" version) ("Bend Down Low" / "Nice Time" /
"One Love" / "Simmer Down" / "It Hurts to be Alone" / "Lonesome Feeling")
The UpsettersNon-album single (1971)3:05
26."Kaya" (version 2)Bob Marley and the WailersNon-album single (1971)2:41

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