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Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Documentary

The Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Documentary is an annual merit by the Africa Film Academy to reward the best short and feature documentaries for the year. It has been merged and renamed severally since it was first awarded in 2006 as Best Documentary.[1]

Best Documentary
Year Name of Category Documentary Recipient Result
2006 Best Documentary Tasuma Won
Ending a Cane Nominated
House of Love Nominated
Nollywood the Young side of Film Nominated
Salma Yoba Nominated
2007 Best Documentary Feature Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon Won
Covenant Church Nominated
Bitter Water Mara Nominated
2008 Best Feature Documentary Do You Believe in Magic Moondog Films Won
Dun-dun (the talking drum) Ibikansale D. Kayode Nominated
Bridging the Gap Myanda Production Nominated
A Rare Gem Packnet Productions Nominated
Families under Attack Myandu Films Nominated
Best Short Documentary Not My Daughter Won
Operation Smile Nominated
Healthy Children, Wealthy Nation Nominated
2009 Best Feature Documentary For the Best and for the Onion and Malcolm’s Echo Won
Private Files Nominated
Shit on the Rock Nominated
Grandma’s not Home Nominated
Best Short Documentary Coming of Age Won
Per Second Killer Nominated
Santos the Survivor Nominated
Lost in the South Nominated
Congo my Foot Nominated
2010 Best Documentary Bariga Boys Won
Mwamba Ngoma Jordan Riber Nominated
Peace Wanted Alive Nominated
En quette d’identite Nominated
Innovating for Africa Nominated
2011 Best Documentary (Feature) Kondi Et Le Jeudi Nationale Ariana Astrid Atodji Won
Headlines In History Zobby Bresson Nominated
Co-Exist Adam Mazo Nominated
State Of Mind Djo Tunda Wa Munga Nominated
Naija Diamonds Nfrom Leonard Nominated
Best Short Documentary After The Mine Diendo Hamadi & Dinta Wa Lusula Won
Symphony Kinsasha Diendo Hamadi & Dinta Wa Lusula Nominated
Naija Diamond (Feature On Dr. Rahmat Mohammed) Nform Leonard Nominated
Stepping Into The Unknown Rowena Aldous & Jill Hanas-Hancock Nominated
Yeabu’s Homecoming Jenny Chu Nominated
2012 Best Documentary An African Election Won
Beyond The Deadly Pit Nominated
Awa Ogbe: An African Adventure Nominated
Dear Mandela Nominated
White & Black; Crime And Colour Nominated
The Niger Delta Struggle Nominated
There Is Nothing Wrong With My Uncle Nominated
How Much Is Too Much Nominated
2013 Best Documentary Fuelling Poverty Won
Gun To Tape Nominated
Swimming The Zambezi Nominated
Give Me Back My Home Nominated
The African Cypher Fly On The Wall Nominated
2014 Best Documentary Hamu Beya - The Sand Fishers
Portrait of a Lone Farmer
Kushaya Ingagasi Nominated
Daughters of the Niger Delta Nominated
Sincerely Ethiopia Nominated


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