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Aeginetia indica, commonly known as Indian broomrape[1] or forest ghost flower, is a holoparasitic herb of the plant family Orobanchaceae, which occurs in Asia. It is a root-parasite commonly found in the monsoon season on the floors of moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests of India.[2] The forest ghost flower parasitises plants of the families Cannaceae, Commelinaceae, Cyperaceae, Juncaceae, Poaceae, and Zingiberaceae.[3]

Forest Ghost Flower
Aeginetia indiaca - Forest Ghost Flower.JPG
Forest Ghost Flower, Aeginetia indica
Scientific classification
A.  indica
Binomial name
Aeginetia indica
Linnaeus, 1753

The herbal plant's roots and flowers are used for medical purposes.[4]


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