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Advanced Cyclotron Systems, Inc. (ACSI) is a company based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada that supplies and services cyclotrons predominately used for the production of medical isotopes by hospitals for nuclear medicine. The company was a spin-off of the research program at TRIUMF.[1] The machines are used for the production of isotopes used in Positron emission tomography (PET), Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) or production of technetium-99 for molecular imaging.[2] ACSI controls approximately half the world market for such machines,[2]

Advanced Cyclotron Systems, Inc.
Private Company
IndustryParticle Accelerators
Key people
Richard Eppich CEO
ParentEbco Industries

Four models of cyclotrons are offered:

  • TR-19 (14 MeV to 19 MeV) variable energy negative ion cyclotrons
  • TR-24 (15 to 24 MeV) high current cyclotron used for the production of PET and SPECT isotopes; including one machine installed at the Universit√© de Sherbrooke,[3]
  • TR-FLEX (18 MeV up to 30 MeV) high current cyclotron used for PET and SPECT isotopes.
  • TR-30 (15 MeV to 30 MeV) high current cyclotron used for SPECT isotopes.

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