Adult-onset immunodeficiency syndrome

Adult-onset immunodeficiency syndrome is a provisional name for an immunodeficiency illness. The name is proposed in the first public study to identify the syndrome.[1] It appears to be chronic and non-contagious, affecting mainly people of Asian descent aged around 50.[2][3] Cases first started appearing in 2004, primarily in Thailand and Taiwan.

Adult-onset immunodeficiency syndrome
Other namesAdult-onset immunodeficiency with anti-interferon-gamma autoantibodies

Signs and symptomsEdit

At least one physician associates the symptoms with tuberculosis. Some lethal overwhelming infections are reported, aggravating people who already suffer other conditions such as HIV/AIDS.


Little is publicly known about the underlying factors causing the disease. Genetic factors are suspected, but the disease does not appear to be heritable. Also, something in the environment may trigger the disease.


An elevated concentration of autoantibodies that block interferon-gamma was detected in most patients.



Society and cultureEdit

The website uses AIDS 2.0 as the moniker for maybe another, apparently highly contagious AIDS-like condition described by The Epoch Times.[4]

The Daily Beast has described this disease emphatically as not AIDS 2.0.[5]


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