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Adopted Daughter

Adopted Daughter was a radio soap opera in the United States. It premiered in 1937 on station WOW in Omaha, Nebraska, and moved to NBC's Midwest regional network in 1939. It was broadcast there five times a week for two years. The show was sponsored by J. C. Penney.[1] Billboard magazine noted that the program was J.C. Penney's "first use of radio on a national basis." After 26 successful weeks on WOW, the program would be carried on 16 stations via transcription.[2]

Adopted Daughter
Genre Soap Opera
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
Home station WOW
Starring Jettabee Ann Hopkins
Alan Bunce
Announcer Art Miller
Written by Jettabee Ann Hopkins
Sponsored by J. C. Penney



Based on a series of skits called The Jangles, the story of Adopted Daughter centered on Jerry Jangles, a "courageous young wife who fights for home and happiness."[3]


The cast included Jettabee Ann Hopkins (who also wrote the program) and Alan Bunce. The announcer was Art Miller.[4]


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