Ado Vabbe

Ado Vabbe (19 March 1892 – 20 April 1961) was an Estonian painter, graphics artist, and teacher.

Ado Vabbe
Konrad Mägi. Ado Vabbe portree. 1918.jpg
Konrad Mägi. Portrait of Ado Vabbe. 1918
Born(1892-03-19)19 March 1892
Died20 April 1961(1961-04-20) (aged 69)

Ado Vabbe is known for bringing abstraction back home to Estonia after being educated in the Anton Ažbe art school in Munich from 1911-1913. Active as an artist, he became better known as an art teacher and was a strong influence on many modern Estonian artists. His Paraphrases are considered an important turning point in the history of Estonian art.[1]

Vabbe died in Tartu.


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