Ado Kurvits (1897–1958) was an Estonian Communist politician who was the chairman of the Executive Committee of Tallinn from February to September 1945.[1] He was deported after the Soviet Union invaded Estonia in 1940.[2] Despite this, he was the first chairman after the Soviet Union reconquered Estonia from the Nazi German occupation of Estonia, and was chairman during the official end of World War II. He was succeeded by Aleksander Hendrikson. He died in 1958 and is buried at Helme cemetery in Valga County.[3]

Ado Kurvits
Chairman of the Executive Committee of Tallinn
In office
26 February 1945 – September 1945
Preceded byAleksander Kiidelmaa
Succeeded byAleksander Hendrikson
Personal details
Died1958 (age 60–61)
Political partyCommunist Party of Estonia

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