Administrative posts of East Timor

The municipalities of East Timor are divided into 65 administrative posts (former subdistricts).[1] Each administrative post is divided into several sucos. Sucos are divided into several aldeias, the smallest political division of East Timor.

Administrative posts of East Timor in the borders until 2015

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Municipality Administrative post
Aileu Municipality Aileu Administrative Post (place of capital)
Aileu District Laulara Subdistrict
Aileu District Lequidoe Subdistrict
Aileu District Remexio Subdistrict
Ainaro District Ainaro Subdistrict (place of capital)
Ainaro District Hato-Udo Subdistrict
Ainaro District Hatu-Builico Subdistrict
Ainaro District Maubisse Subdistrict
Atauro District
Baucau District Baguia Subdistrict
Baucau District Baucau Subdistrict (place of capital)
Baucau District Laga Subdistrict
Baucau District Quelicai Subdistrict
Baucau District Vemasse Subdistrict
Baucau District Venilale Subdistrict
Bobonaro District Atabae Subdistrict
Bobonaro District Balibó Subdistrict
Bobonaro District Bobonaro Subdistrict
Bobonaro District Cailaco Subdistrict
Bobonaro District Lolotoe Subdistrict
Bobonaro District Maliana Subdistrict (place of capital)
Cova Lima District Fatululic Subdistrict
Cova Lima District Fatumean Subdistrict
Cova Lima District Fohorem Subdistrict
Cova Lima District Maucatar Subdistrict
Cova Lima District Suai Subdistrict (place of capital)
Cova Lima District Tilomar Subdistrict
Cova Lima District Zumalai Subdistrict
Dili District Atauro Subdistrict
Dili District Cristo Rei Subdistrict
Dili District Dom Aleixo Subdistrict
Dili District Metinaro Subdistrict
Dili District Nain Feto Subdistrict
Dili District Vera Cruz Subdistrict
Ermera District Atsabe Subdistrict
Ermera District Ermera Subdistrict (Gleno - Capital)
Ermera District Hatólia Subdistrict
Ermera District Letefoho Subdistrict
Ermera District Railaco Subdistrict
Lautém District Iliomar Subdistrict
Lautém District Lautém Subdistrict
Lautém District Lospalos Subdistrict (place of capital)
Lautém District Luro Subdistrict
Lautém District Tutuala Subdistrict
Liquiçá District Bazartete Subdistrict (place of capital)
Liquiçá District Liquiçá Subdistrict
Liquiçá District Maubara Subdistrict
Manatuto District Barique Subdistrict
Manatuto District Laclo Subdistrict
Manatuto District Laclubar Subdistrict
Manatuto District Laleia Subdistrict
Manatuto District Manatuto Subdistrict (place of capital)
Manatuto District Soibada Subdistrict
Manufahi District Alas Subdistrict
Manufahi District Fatuberlio Subdistrict
Manufahi District Same Subdistrict (place of capital)
Manufahi District Turiscai Subdistrict
Oecusse District Nitibe Subdistrict
Oecusse District Oesilo Subdistrict
Oecusse District Pante Macassar Subdistrict (place of capital)
Oecusse District Passabe Subdistrict
Viqueque District Lacluta Subdistrict
Viqueque District Ossu Subdistrict
Viqueque District Uato-Lari Subdistrict
Viqueque District Uatucarbau Subdistrict
Viqueque District Viqueque Subdistrict (place of capital)

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