Adjutants of Love

Adjutants of Love (Russian: Адъютанты любви, Adyutanti lyubvi) is a 2005 Russian telenovela. It is the second successful historical telenovela from Amedia Productions, after Poor Nastya (2003).


Pyotr Cherkasov and Olga Lopuhina grew up together in the country. They fall in love and decide to get married. But Pyotr's mother doesn't want the two of them together, so she finds "a good opportunity for Olga": Count Roman Mongo-Stolipin, a rich politician from Saint Petersburg. Olga decides to marry the Count.

Pyotr is hurt. He goes to Saint Petersburg to become an adjutant of Tsar Paul. Paul is murdered and is succeeded by his young son Alexander. Pyotr becomes a very good friend of Alexander, who sends him to Paris to spy on Napoleon Bonaparte. Though still in love with Olga, Pyotr becomes part of the politician drama in Europe.


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