Adjohoun or Adjohon is a town, arrondissement, and commune in Ouémé Department, Benin. The commune is divided into 8 arrondissements and 57 villages. The commune of Adjohoun is located approximately 32 km from Porto-Novo and 62 km from Cotonou. The commune covers an area of 308 km2 and as of 2002 had a population of 60,955, 48.14% male and 51.86% female. The commune covers an area of 112 square kilometres and as of 2002 had a population of 60,112 people.[1][2]

Adjohoun is located in Benin
Location in Benin
Coordinates: 6°42′N 2°28′E / 6.700°N 2.467°E / 6.700; 2.467Coordinates: 6°42′N 2°28′E / 6.700°N 2.467°E / 6.700; 2.467
CountryFlag of Benin.svg Benin
DepartmentOuémé Department
 • Total308 km2 (119 sq mi)
 • Total60,955
 • Density200/km2 (510/sq mi)


Adjohoun is located in the Ouémé River valley. It is a fertile area in which agricultural pastures dominate.


The commune is divided into 8 arrondissements. These are Adjohoun, Awonou, Azowlissé, Dèmè, Gangban, Kogé and Togbota. The City Council is composed of 15 advisers who elect the mayor, who is currently Leon Bokova. A former mayor is Gerard Adounsiba. The District Council is composed of 13 advisers who elect the Chief District.[citation needed]


Crops grown include maize, rice, potatoes, sesame, tomatoes, oranges and bananas. Fishing is also one of the main industries.[3]


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