Shihabuddin Sharaful-udaba Sabir (Persian: شهاب‌الدین شرف‌الادبا صابر) known as Adib Sabir (ادیب صابر), was a 12th-century Persian[1] poet. Originating from Termedh, he was employed in the court of Sultan Sanjar.

Adib Sabir receiving a robe of honour from Ahmad Sanjar. Copied by ʻAbd al-Muʼmin al-ʻAlavi al-Kashi between February 1314–February 1315

He is said to have also been used by the Sultan as a spy against the Sultan's enemies, who eventually drowned him in the Oxus in 1143 AD.

His Persian poetry writings are fluent and refined in style.[citation needed]

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