Adelheid of Wolfratshausen

Adelheid of Wolfratshausen (d. 11 January/12 January 1126) was a countess of Sulzbach as the second wife of Berengar II, Count of Sulzbach. Slightly different dates for her death are given in the necrologies of Tegernsee and the Salzburg Cathedral.[citation needed]


Adelheid was a daughter of Otto II, Count of Wolfratshausen[1] and his wife Justizia. Otto was created Count between 1098 and 1116. He was also Count of Thaining (c. 1073), Count of Ambras (c. 1078) and Count of Diessen (c. 1100). The family name of her mother is not attested in primary sources. Theories suggest Justizia was a member of the House of Babenberg. They are based on the transmission of the first name "Luitpold", previously used by the Babenberg, which was used by several of Justizia's descendants.[citation needed]

Adelheid married Berengar II, Count of Sulzbach.[2]


She had six known children:


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