Adelaide Metro A-City Class 4000

The Adelaide Metro A-City 4000 Class is a class of electric multiple unit trains built by Bombardier Transportation, Dandenong for the electrified Adelaide Metro rail network. This class were the first, and currently only, electric trains to have operated in South Australia.

Adelaide Metro A-City 4000 Class
4000 Class EMU.jpg
4004/4008 at Mile End in October 2019
Inside 4000 class EMU (15438610782).jpg
Interior of a passenger car
ManufacturerBombardier Transportation
Built atDandenong
Replaced2000 class railcars
Entered service2014-present
Number under construction12 sets
Number built22 sets (12 set under construction)
Number in service22 sets
Formation3 carriages (6 carriages for special events)
Fleet numbers4001-4034
Capacity540 (240 seated, 300 standing)
Operator(s)Adelaide Metro
Depot(s)Seaford Meadows
Line(s) servedGawler central (From 2022)
Car lengthDriving cars: 25.26 metres
Trailers: 24.96 metres
Width3.05 m (10.0 ft)
Height4.01 m (13.2 ft)
Floor height1,200 mm (47 in)
Wheel diameter920/850 mm (new/worn)
Maximum speed110 km/h (68 mph)
Traction system8 x 200kW per three car set[1]
Acceleration0.8 m/s2 (2.6 ft/s2)
Deceleration1.12 m/s2 (3.7 ft/s2)
Electric system(s)25 kV AC overhead lines
Current collection methodPantograph
Coupling systemScharfenberg
Track gauge1,600 mm (5 ft 3 in)


In March 2011 Bombardier Transportation was awarded a contract to build 22 three-carriage trains for the Adelaide rail network that was in the process of being electrified.[2][3][4]

The design uses a similar shell to that of the V/Line VLocity diesel multiple units first introduced in 2004. The first was delivered in July 2013 entering service on 23 February 2014.[5][6][7][8][9] The last was completed in October 2015.[10][11] They currently operate services on the Seaford and Tonsley lines.[12]

When they were ordered it was proposed the Gawler line would be electrified, which would allow them to access Adelaide Metro's Dry Creek depot. However, before they were delivered, this project was cancelled. Whilst light maintenance is performed at their primary stabling point at Seaford, heavy maintenance needs to occur at Dry Creek, with each being hauled by a pair of 3000 class railcars from Adelaide station when required. When the Gawler Line is electrified to Salisbury in 2021, this will cease.[13] In June 2019 a further 12 train sets were ordered and are due to be delivered in mid-2020.[14]


The sets primarily operate on the Seaford and Tonsley lines, as well as the Showground Shuttle services between Adelaide and Goodwood during the Royal Adelaide Show. Two sets are coupled during major events, such as AFL matches, to make a six car set. This has caused problems with selected stations on the Seaford line that permit a maximum of five cars, including Mile End, Marion and Hove. To allow for these stations to be serviced despite the train length, the rear car doors are isolated to allow for safe alighting.


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