Adasi (Assyria)

Adasi was according to the Assyrian King List a usurper-king in Assyria during, or shortly after, the reign of the king Ashur-dugul and through his son Bel-bani the progenitor of the later Adaside dynasty.[2] Because the name of Adasi and the other seven usurpers said to have vied for power against Ashur-dugul and each other do not appear in other sources and are suspiciously similar to the names of the eponyms under Ashur-dugul's reign, modern scholars question whether Adasi and the others were kings or usurpers at all, and not simply generals and officials misattributed as kings by the scribes of the list.[3]

Issi'ak Assur
King of Assur
Reign18th century BC[1]


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