Adamova Manor

Adamova Manor (Latvian: Adamovas muižas pils, German: Adamhof, Latgalian: Odumova, Polish: Adamowa ) is a manor house in Vērēmi Parish, Rēzekne Municipality built in 1851 in the historical region of Latgale, in Latvia on the shores of Adamova Lake.[2][1]

Adamova Manor
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Adamova Manor
Adamova Manor
Location of Adamova Manor.
General information
Architectural styleEmpire style
Town or cityLatgale
Coordinates56°33′40.6″N 27°22′09.5″E / 56.561278°N 27.369306°E / 56.561278; 27.369306Coordinates: 56°33′40.6″N 27°22′09.5″E / 56.561278°N 27.369306°E / 56.561278; 27.369306
Completed1851 [1]


There are reports of the manor dating from the first half of the 18th century. Previously it belonged to the noble family of von Korff from Courland. In 1866 it was owned by Peter Nodhaft. In the 19th century, the manor still belonged to Natalia Sergeyevna Zemchzhzhnikova (1841-1913), who was the niece of the Dekabrist prince Yevgeny Petrovich Obolensky. Approximately in 1898 the manor was acquired by General Karaulov. At the beginning of the 20th century, Elena Nikolaevna Karaulova owned the property. When German troops occupied Latgale in the winter of 1918 in course of World War I during operation Faustschlag, the 13th Brigade Headquarters of the German occupation troops was stationed in the Adamova Manor until 1919. The first school, an orphanage, was opened on the territory of the Adamova Manor in 1940. It is now called the Adamova Sanatorium Boarding School.[3]

Mineral waterEdit

Daybreak at Adamova Lake.

In 1905, a mineral spring named after St. Helena was discovered in Adamova Manor. Mineral water won top honors at the London Exhibitions in 1912 and Paris in 1913. At present the source of mineral water in Adamova estate is no longer found.[1]

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