Adži-paša's bridge

The Old Bridge over the Ribnica (Montenegrin: Стари мост на Рибници, romanizedStari most na Ribnici) is the oldest bridge in Podgorica, Montenegro. It spans the Ribnica river, near its confluence with the Morača river. The bridge was built during the period of Roman rule and underwent a major reconstruction in the 18th century AD.[1] The reconstruction was funded by Adži-paša Osmanagić and since then the bridge is also known as Adži-paša's bridge (Montenegrin: Аџи-пашин мост, romanizedAdži-pašin most).[2][3]

The bridge during wintertime


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Coordinates: 42°26′22″N 19°15′32″E / 42.439532°N 19.258816°E / 42.439532; 19.258816