Acts of Faith is the 1985 novel written by Rajiva Wijesinha. The book is the first in a trilogy that was followed by Days of Despair in 1987 and concludes with 2005's The Limits of Love.

Acts of Faith
First edition
AuthorRajiva Wijesinha
CountrySri Lanka
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pages181 pp
LC ClassMicrofiche 85/71042 (P)
American novelist Philip Caputo has also written a novel named "Acts of Faith"

Plot summary edit

By Using the 1983 race riots in Sri Lanka as a background, Acts of Faith explores social and political issues which characterize Sri Lanka and other Asian nations. The book provides a satirical critique of observed state-incited violence, manipulation of the media, caste and class rivalries.

At the same time, underneath the racy humour there is a close attention to personal motivations, particularly in terms of the family structures that dominate such societies.

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