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An actor is a person who plays a role in theater, cinema or television.

Films and entertainmentEdit

Science and computingEdit

  • Actants, also called "actors", in actor-network theory (a general theory of sociological behaviour), the one who performs the act
  • In Interactions of Actors Theory, excitations in any medium able to produce action, a theory of cybernetics
  • Actor (UML), in requirements analysis and UML
  • Actor model, in concurrency, refers to a model of concurrent computation
  • Actor (programming language), an early object-oriented programming integrated development environment (IDE) for the Windows operating system
  • Actor, one of the two semantic macroroles in Role and reference grammar

Other usesEdit

  • 12238 Actor, Jovian asteroid
  • Actor, a person who performs an action in a 'real-world', non-theatrical situation
  • Actor (law)
  • Actor (mythology), in Greek mythology, refers to a number of characters, including the father of Menoetius and Astyoche
  • Actor (policy debate), the entity that enacts a certain policy action
  • ACTOR (A Commitment to Our Roots), former name of The Hero Initiative
  • "Actor", a 2015 song by Joker Xue
  • Backhoe, part of a digging machine, sometimes called "back actor"

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