Action Philosophers!

Action Philosophers! was a self-published comic book series by artist Ryan Dunlavey and writer Fred Van Lente, which was awarded a Xeric Grant in 2004,[1] leading to Action Philosophers! # 1's publication in April 2005.

Cover to Action Philosophers: Giant Size Thing 1

The series focused on a concise biography of some of the most notable philosophers and their ideas. To quote the book's homepage:[2]

ACTION PHILOSOPHERS! is a comic book series detailing the lives and thoughts of history's A-list brain trust in a hip and humorous way that proves that philosophy is not just the province of boring tweed-enveloped college professors.

The series concluded with issue # 9, published in September 2007. The series was also collected into various self-published paperback collections. Dark Horse Comics published a deluxe hardcover collection of the series with new material in October, 2014.[3]


The American Library Association included Action Philosophers vol. 1 in its 2007 Great Graphic Novels for Teens booklist.[4] The series was nominated for a 2007 Ignatz Outstanding Debut Award[5] and received a positive review from Philosophy Now.[6]

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Collected editionsEdit

Title Material collected ISBN
Action Philosophers! Giant-size Thing 1 Action Philosophers #1-3 ISBN 0-9778329-0-2
Action Philosophers! Giant-size Thing 2 Action Philosophers #4-6 ISBN 0-9778329-1-0
Action Philosophers! Giant-size Thing 3 Action Philosophers #7-9 ISBN 0-9778329-2-9
The More Than Complete Action Philosophers! Action Philosophers" #1-9, plus new content ISBN 978-0-9778329-3-4
Action Philosophers! Published by Dark Horse Comics, reprints "More Than Complete…", with a new story and historical material, hardcover format ISBN 978-1-61655-539-9


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