Achronix Semiconductor is an American fabless semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California with an additional R&D facility in Bangalore, India,[2][3] and an additional sales office in Shenzhen, China.[4] Achronix is a diversified fabless semiconductor company that sells FPGA products, embedded FPGA (eFPGA) products, system-level products and supporting design tools. Achronix was founded in 2004 in Ithaca, New York based on technology licensed from Cornell University.[5] In 2006, Achronix moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley.[6][7]

Founded2004; 19 years ago (2004) in Ithaca, New York, U.S.
  • Clinton Kelly
  • John Lofton Holt
  • Virantha Ekanayake
  • Rajit Manohar[1]
Key people
Robert Blake (CEO)
Virantha Ekanayake (CTO)
ProductsFPGA, eFPGA IP
Number of employees

Achronix was originally self-funded by several million dollars of founder's capital. Since 2006, Achronix has been funded by a combination of Venture capital funding, private equity funding and debt from traditional lenders.[8] Since Achronix is a private company, the total amount of capital raised to date has not been disclosed, but the total amount of capital raised is thought to be in the $180M-$200M range. Achronix achieved profitability in 2016 and reportedly achieved sales of over $100M YTD in 2017, making it one of the highest growth semiconductor companies globally.[9]

In July 2021 Achronix cancelled its plans to go public through a merger with a special acquisition (SPAC) company ACE Convergence Acquisition Corp due to regulatory approval difficulties. The proposed transaction valued the company at $2.1bn.[10]


  • Speedster7t FPGAs - Standalone FPGA devices built on TSMC 7 nm FinFET technology. It includes a 2D Network-on-Chip (NoC), GDDR6 memory interfaces, up to 72 transceivers operating at 1-112Gbit/s, 400G Ethernet MACs, PCIe Gen5 controllers and up to 1,760 machine learning processors (MLP) for mathematical operations with variable precision number formats.[11]
  • Speedcore eFPGAs - Embedded FPGA IP that is integrated into a SoC or ASIC device. It consists of customer defined amounts of reconfigurable logic blocks, logic and block RAM, DSP blocks and Machine Learning Process (MLP) blocks.[12] Speedcore is supported in TSMC 16FF+, TSMC 7 nm FinFET and TSMC 12FFC is under development.[13]
  • VectorPath Accelerator Cards - PCIe card which is based on the Speedster7t FPGA family. This card includes 400G and 200G network interfaces, 8 GDDR6 memories, and additional expansion ports for custom connectivity.[14]
  • ACE - FPGA development tools which are used to design for all of Achronix's FPGA and eFPGA devices.[15][16]

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In August 2018, Achronix was recognized by CIOReview Magazine as one of 20 of the 2018 Most Promising High-Performance Compute Solution Providers.[17]


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