Acadie station

Acadie station is a Montreal Metro in the Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.[3] It is operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and serves the Blue Line. It is located in the Parc-Extension district.

Acadie Montreal Metro 925097664.jpg
Location6900, boul. de l'Acadie
and 999, av. Beaumont, Montreal
Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45°31′24″N 73°37′24″W / 45.52333°N 73.62333°W / 45.52333; -73.62333Coordinates: 45°31′24″N 73°37′24″W / 45.52333°N 73.62333°W / 45.52333; -73.62333
Operated bySociété de transport de Montréal
Depth16.5 metres (54 feet 2 inches), 30th deepest
ArchitectPierre Mercier, Pierre Boyer-Mercier, and Patrice Poirier
Opened28 March 1988
Passengers (2019[1][2])1,342,597 Increase 9.3%
Rank65 of 68
Preceding station   Montreal Metro.svg Montreal Metro   Following station
toward Snowdon
Blue Line
toward Saint-Michel


It is a normal side platform station. Two entrances on either side of boul. de l'Acadie lead to a common ticket hall. The station platform is decorated in bold colours such as blue, hot pink, black, and slate grey. The ticket hall is host to a tall clock and bench ensemble entitled Lieu de rendez-vous by Météore Design and the seating is by sculptor Michel Morelli. A series of whimsical photographic works by Jean Mercier showing people turning cartwheels and mid-air somersaults adorns the walls of the stairwell and passages to the exits.

Origin of nameEdit

Acadie was named for the Boulevard de l'Acadie, in turn named to remember Acadia, the site of the first permanent French settlement in North America.

Connecting bus routesEdit

Société de transport de Montréal
  16 Graham
  92 Jean-Talon Ouest
  179 De L'Acadie
  365 Avenue Du Parc
  372 Jean-Talon
  919 Trainbus Acadie/Mont-Royal/Namur

Nearby points of interestEdit

  • Centre commercial Place l'Acadie-Beaumont
  • Clinique René-Laennec


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