Acadie station is a Montreal Metro in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension (on the border with the town of Mount Royal, Quebec).[4] It is operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and serves the Blue Line. It is located in the Parc-Extension.

General information
Location6900, boul. de l'Acadie, Mount-Royal,
and 999, av. Beaumont,
Montreal, Quebec H3N 2Y7
Coordinates45°31′24″N 73°37′24″W / 45.52333°N 73.62333°W / 45.52333; -73.62333
Operated bySociété de transport de Montréal
Depth16.5 metres (54 feet 2 inches), 30th deepest
ArchitectPierre Mercier, Pierre Boyer-Mercier, and Patrice Poirier
Other information
Fare zoneARTM: A[1]
Opened28 March 1988
2023[2][3]1,186,735 Increase 3.65%
Rank63 of 68
Preceding station Montreal Metro Following station
toward Snowdon
Blue Line Parc



It is a normal side platform station. Two entrances on either side of boul. de l'Acadie lead to a common ticket hall. The station platform is decorated in bold colours such as blue, hot pink, black, and slate grey. The ticket hall is host to a tall clock and bench ensemble entitled Lieu de rendez-vous by Météore Design and the seating is by sculptor Michel Morelli. A series of whimsical photographic works by Jean Mercier showing people turning cartwheels and mid-air somersaults adorns the walls of the stairwell and passages to the exits.

Origin of name


Acadie station was named for the Boulevard de l'Acadie (English: Acadie Boulevard), in turn named to remember Acadia, the site of the first permanent french settlement in North America.

Connecting bus routes

Société de transport de Montréal
  92 Jean-Talon Ouest
  179 De L'Acadie
  365 Avenue Du Parc
  372 Jean-Talon

Nearby points of interest


Film and television appearances


Scenes from the 2000 Denis Villeneuve film Maelström were filmed inside Acadie station.[5]


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