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The Abortion Support Network is a UK based charity which provides financial assistance, accommodation and consultation to women from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Malta and Gibraltar who are seeking an abortion in Britain.

Abortion Support Network
Formation2009; 10 years ago (2009)
TypeAbortion rights charity
Mara Clarke

The charity was founded in 2009 by Mara Clarke.[1] and continues the work of the (now defunct) London based 1980's Irish Women's Abortion Support Group.

In 2015 they received widespread attention in the UK due to the popular parenting site Mumsnet using their annual charity fundraising appeal to raise money for the ASN.[2]

In 2017 as part of a coalition, ASN made a submission to the Citizens' Assembly.[3] That same year, ASN fund-raised and provided over £73,000 (€84,000) worth of grants for all associated expenses of obtaining an abortion, including travel. The team of volunteers fielded 1,009 phone calls (685 from Ireland) providing free advice.[4]

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