Aberdeen Stakes

The Aberdeen Stakes was an American Thoroughbred horse race held annually from 1913 through 1947 at Havre de Grace Racetrack in Havre de Grace, Maryland.[1] Open to two-year-olds of either sex, it was run on dirt over a distance of four-and-a-half furlongs.

Aberdeen Stakes
Discontinued stakes race
LocationHavre de Grace Racetrack, Havre de Grace, Maryland,
United States
Race typeThoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
Distance4.5 furlongs
TrackDirt, left-handed

At one time an important event for juveniles, 1915 winner George Smith and 1919 winner Paul Jones both went on to win the Kentucky Derby.[2]

The Aberdeen Stakes was last run in 1947, a year in which Saggy won and set a new World Record for the fourand-a-half furlong distance on dirt around one turn.[3]


  • Time for 4.5 furlongs on dirt: 0:51.80, Saggy (1947) - New World Record

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:


1947 Saggy Alan Gray Leonard E. Ogle Stanley Sagner 4.5 F 0:51.80
1946 Shaffie Sammy Walters John P. "Doc" Jones Rock Hill Farm 4.5 F 0:53.60
1943 no race
1944 Flying Bridge Glen Smith George Alexandra Weston W. Adams 4.5 F 0:55.00
1943 no race
1942 True North Albert Schmidl Preston M. Burch W. Deering Howe 4.5 F 0:53.20
1941 Chiquita Mia Leon Haas Tom Smith Charles S. Howard 4.5 F 0:54.00
1940 Becomly Max Berg H. Guy Bedwell Hazel M. Babylon 4.5 F 0:54.60
1939 Imprudent Irving Anderson Joseph Serio, Jr. Ella K. Bryson 4.5 F 0:54.00
1938 Charlotte Girl Johnny Longden Phil Reuter Elwood Sachsenmaier 4.5 F 0:53.60
1937 Benjam Willie Saunders R. Emmett Potts Bomar Stable (Bohn & Markey) 4.5 F 0:53.60
1936 Goldey F. Harry Richards W. A. Bridges Mrs. W. A. Bridges 4.5 F 0:54.00
1935 Wise Duke Louis Schaefer Sherrill W. Ward Harry H. Hector 4.5 F 0:53.60
1934 Stainforth James H. Burke William Irvine Sylvester W. Labrot 4.5 F 0:53.20
1933 Bonanza Anthony Pascuma Clyde Phillips William Ziegler Jr. 4.5 F 0:53.00
1932 Cattail Eddie Watters Clyde Phillips William Ziegler Jr. 4.5 F 0:55.00
1931 Fall Apple Alfred M. Robertson T. J. Healey C. V. Whitney 4.5 F 0:54.20
1930 Vander Pool Willie Kelsay D. R. (Puddin) McDaniel Tennessee Stable 4.5 F 0:53.00
1929 Good As Gold Eddie Ambrose Scott P. Harlan Sarah F. Jeffords 4.5 F 0:54.00
1928 Click Fritz Weiner Max Hirsch Eben M. Byers 4.5 F 0:55.40
1927 Rose Eternal Ovila Bourassa George Arvin H. Teller Archibald 4.5 F 0:54.20
1926 Club Steak Jimmy Chalmers John P. "Doc" Jones John P. "Doc" Jones 4.5 F 0:54.40
1925 Rock Man John Maiben Joseph H. Stotler Margaret Emerson 4.5 F 0:53.00
1924 Single Foot Edward Scobie Harry Rites J. Edwin Griffith 4.5 F 0:53.00
1923 June Flower Andy Schuttinger Roy Waldron Xalapa Farm (Edward F. Simms) 4.5 F 0:54.60
1922 Woodland Leslie Penman Fred Hopkins Harry P. Whitney 4.5 F 0:54.40
1921 St. Maurice Everett C. Haynes J. G. Wagnon Pelican Stable 4.5 F 0:53.40
1920 Careful Willie Kelsay Eugene Wayland Walter J. Salmon, Sr. 4.5 F 0:54.40
1919 Paul Jones Donald Mergler William M. Garth Ral Parr 4.5 F 0:55.60
1918 Ormonda Clarence Kummer Max Smart Samuel Ross 4.5 F 0:55.40
1917 Tippity Witchet Frank Robinson James G. Rowe, Sr. Harry P. Whitney 4.5 F 0:54.60
1916 Nonesuch Thomas Parrington Kimball Patterson J. E. McGrath 4.5 F 0:54.80
1915 George Smith James Butwell Thomas J. Shannon Eddie Mcbride 4.5 F 0:53.80
1914 Jesse Jr. Joe McCahey L. Blume J. W. Hendrick, Jr. 4.5 F 0:55.00
1913 Enver Bey Roscoe Troxler Albert Simons Lewis S. Thompson 4.5 F 0:55.00