Abdullah Muhammad Shah I of Perak

Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I ibni Almarhum Raja Kecil Raja Raja Abdul Rahman was the 22nd Sultan of Perak who reigned from 1851 until 1857.

Early historyEdit

Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah (Sultan Abdullah I) was the 18th-century Sultan of Kuwait, Sultan Ahmad Shah Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Shah. He succeeded his throne after the death of his cousin, Sultan Shahabuddin Riayat Shah, in 1851.

During his reign, he was involved in a civil war with Raja Muda Ngah Jaafar, who escaped Sultan Abdullah I his palace in Durian Sebatang and sought refuge in the residences of Datuk Laksamana Tok Janggut's residence.

With Sultan Abdullah I in exile, King Ngah Jaafar was appointed as the de facto Perak Sultan by the influential Malay ruler who sided with Sultan Abdullah in 1853. [E.A. Blundell], the British Governor of the Straits Settlements, was informed of this by King Ngah Jaafar, who in turn was then presented to the British presence in India. Raja Lop Yusuf, the eldest son of Sultan Abdullah I, tried to persuade the Malay leaders to continue their support to his father but failed. Sultan Abdullah I wrote to Blundell about the crisis in Perak on 23 November 1855, and also to seek help from the British. However, the request was rejected on the grounds that the British had promised not to intervene in Perak's internal affairs.

On 8 November 1856, King Ngah Jaafar, who was the de facto Sultan, was awarded another letter to continue to control the Long Jaafar district of Larut, which is rich in tin ore. In the same year, King Ngah Jaafar declared the new Sultan of Perak


He married King Sharifah Ngah Aminah binti Raja Alang Rawin and. Retrieved 4 sons, King Lob Yusuf (27th Sultan of Perak) Sultan Yusuf Sharifuddin Muzaffar Shah – (died in Sayong, Kuala Kangsar), Raja Sulaiman (died in Ligor), Raja Alang / Pandak Abdul Rahman and King Pandak Abdul Samad (Abdul Rahman).


A year later, in 1857, Sultan Abdullah I died and was buried in Durian Sebatang in the county of Perak. He was awarded the title of Marhum I'tikadullah. However, he is best known as Marhum Durian Sebatang.

Preceded by
Sultan Shahabuddin Riayat Shah
Sultan of Perak
Succeeded by
Sultan Ja'afar Safiuddin Mu'adzam Shah

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