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Coordinates: 34°32′13″N 69°11′46″E / 34.537°N 69.196°E / 34.537; 69.196

Abdul Hadi Dawi High School
District 9, Kabul

TypePublic School
A view of the Abdul Hadi Dawi High School during the winter

Abdul Hadi Dawi High School, located in Kabul's District 9 near the 3rd Mikrorayon, is named after Abdul Hadi Dawi (Abdul Hadi Dawai) a renowned Afghan poet, diplomat and government official.[1] It is one of the few top and prestigious schools of the country.

The High school is basically for boys and was first constructed under Babrak Karmal regime with the aid and support of former Soviet Union government that backed the Afghan Communist Party both financially and militarily at the time.

At first it was named Enqelaab (Revolution) High school in commemoration of the 7th of Saur Revolution,[2] but during Doctor Najibullah's presidency its name was changed to Abdul Hadi Dawi High school.

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