Abdallah Lee

Abdallah Abdoulkader Abass (commonly known as Abdallah Lee), (August 7, 1963 – September 18, 2007) was a well-known Djiboutian songwriter, composer and singer. He remains among the most famous Afar language-singers in Djibouti.

Abdallah Lee
Birth nameAbdallah Abdoulkader Abass
Born7 August 1963
Djibouti City
Died18 September 2007
GenresDjiboutian music
Years active1979-2007


Abdallah was born on 7 August 1963 in Djibouti City, Quartier 3 at the maternity ward of the former Paul-Faure hospital. He is the son of Abdoulkader Abass Bourhan Aboubaker and great-grandson of Aboubaker Ibrahim, governor of Zeila (Somalia) under Turkish sovereignty at the end of the 19th century, and Kadidja Said Abdallah Baabad.[1]

He lived with his family, first in Quartier 3, then in Quartier 1, and finally in the city of Arhiba. He passed his undergraduate examinations and was planning on pursuing a technical master's degree, but then abandoned his studies and took a job as a storekeeper in Obock, where his mother's family lived. It was then that he began playing music with Osman Adoyta, Moussa Aden, Bourhan Daoud, Ahmed Abdallah, Ahmed Ibrahim, Mohamed Aden. He began gaining a following as early as 1979.[citation needed]

Between 1980 and 1990, like the group Dinkâra, he practiced an "Afro-rock with nomadic colors", and also became involved in the civil war. While singing mainly in Afar, he also interprets Somali songs. Abdallah Lee has toured in France, Ethiopia, Belgium and Sweden. He participated in various Djiboutian groups during his career and at the Fest'Horn festival.[2]

After becoming very sick, Abdallah Lee was transported to France to a hospital in Poitiers, where he died on September 18, 2007, at 44 years old. He had a wife and seven children.[3]

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