The Abbott-Detroit was an American luxury automobile manufactured between 1909 and 1919. It was considered powerful and well-designed, and had a Continental engine. The cars were guaranteed for life by 1913, when electric lighting and starting had been standardized.

Abbott-Detroit Motor Car Company
HeadquartersDetroit, Michigan, later Cleveland, Ohio
Abbott-Detroit 1911
1912 photograph of the Abbott Motor Company, showing a truck and three automobiles

By 1916, production of these cars had reached 15 to 20 units a day, so the company moved from Detroit to a larger facility in Cleveland. This proved too stressful on the company's finances, and they declared bankruptcy in April 1918.[1]


Models that Abbott-Detroit offered included:

  • 34/45 hp (25/30 kW) Foredoor Roadster
  • Limousine (1913 model)
  • 44/40 hp (33/37 kW) Battleship Roadster
  • 34 hp (25 kW) Model F
  • 31 hp (24 kW) Model L
  • 22 hp (20 kW) Model K

Prices ranged from US$1700 for the Foredoor to US$3050 for the Limousine.

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