Abbey of Saint-Marcel-lès-Chalon

The Abbey of Saint-Marcel-lès-Chalon (French: Abbaye Saint-Marcel-lès-Chalon), from the late 10th century the Priory of Saint-Marcel-lès-Chalon, was a monastery located in the present commune of Saint-Marcel near Chalon-sur-Saône, Saône-et-Loire, eastern France. It was founded in c. 590 as a Benedictine abbey. Somewhere between 979 and 988 it became part of the Congregation of Cluny, when it became a priory, like most Cluniac houses.[1]

The church of the former abbey

The philosopher Peter Abelard died here in 1142.[2] The priory was suppressed during the French Revolution: the monastic buildings were demolished but the church survives as a parish church.[3]


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