Aaron Cohen's Debt

Aaron Cohen's Debt (Hebrew: חובו של אהרון כהן‎) is a non-linear, fact based 1999 Israeli film starring Moshe Ivgy as Aaron Cohen, a father abruptly taken into custody at his birthday party by police for one child-support payment which he does not believe he owes. Despite his frail health and his daughter's frantic attempts to bail him out, Aaron is forced to spend the night behind bars. Indifferent guards, an over-crowded cell and an infected ulcer thrust Aaron into a Kafkaesque nightmare. The following morning he is found dead and a hurried investigation hopelessly struggles to make sense of what happened.

Aaron Cohen's Debt
Moshe Ivgi as Aaron Cohen.jpg
Moshe Ivgi as Aaron Cohen
Directed byAmalia Margolin
Produced byGalia Bador
Hila Tzabati
Written byAlon Bar
StarringMoshe Ivgy
Avital Abergel
Uri Avrahami
Music byAvner Kenner
CinematographyYoav Kosh
Edited byZohar M. Sela
Distributed byIsrael Cable Programming (ICP)
Release date
4 January 1999
Running time
97 minutes

It was directed by Amalia Margolin and written by Alon Bar. Originally made for Israel Cable Programming ICP, it was released 4 January 1999 in Israel and later the United States, Canada, France, Germany and Australia.


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