Aarhus (meteorite)

Aarhus is an H chondrite meteorite that fell to earth on 2 October 1951 at 18:15 in Aarhus, Denmark. The meteor split just before the otherwise undramatic impact and two pieces were recovered. They are known as Aarhus I (at 300g) and Aarhus II (at 420g). Aarhus I was found in the small woodland of Riis Skov, just a few minutes after impact.[2][3]

Mindesten for meteornedslag i Aarhus.jpg
Memorial stone for the 300 g part found in Riis Skov. The contours of this piece is depicted.
ClassOrdinary chondrite
RegionRegion Midtjylland
Coordinates56°11′N 10°14′E / 56.183°N 10.233°E / 56.183; 10.233Coordinates: 56°11′N 10°14′E / 56.183°N 10.233°E / 56.183; 10.233[1]
Observed fallYes
Fall date2 October 1951
Found date2 October 1951
TKW720g (300g and 420g)


It is an H chondrite and belongs to the petrologic type 6, so it was assigned to the H6 group.[1]

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