Aanandam (English: Joy) is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language romantic comedy film written and directed by Ganesh Raj in his directorial debut.[2] Vineeth Sreenivasan produced the film through the banner Habit of Life, with Vinod Shornur of Cast N Crew as co-producer.[3] Aanandam follows the life of seven sophomore engineering students as they embark on their very first college tour.

Aanandam film poster.jpg
Official poster
Directed byGanesh Raj
Produced byVineeth Sreenivasan
Vinod Shornur
Screenplay byGanesh Raj
Narrated byAnarkali Marikar
Music bySachin Warrier
CinematographyAnend C. Chandran
Edited byAbhinav Sunder Nayak
  • Habit of Life
  • Cast N Crew
Distributed byLJ Films
Release date
21 October 2016
Running time
120 minutes
Budget4 Crore[1]
Box office20 Crore[1]

The film features Arun Kurian, Thomas Mathew, Siddhi Mahajankatti, Roshan Mathew, Annu Antony, Vishak Nair and Anarkali Marikar in the lead roles.[4][5] Shooting locations were at Goa, Hampi, Kochi, Mysore, and at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering. It was released in theatres on 21 October 2016 and was blockbuster in box office. This movie was subsequently dubbed into Telugu as Aanandam in 2018 by Sukhibava movies.[6]


The story revolves around a group of seven friends who embark on their first IV tour (Industrial Visit) of their college life and how it affects small to large changes in their mellow lives. "Rockstar" Gautham, Kuppi (K. Unnikrishnan Pillai), Devika (aka Devooty), Diya, Darshana, Varun and Akshay, along with a group of 33 classmates and two faculty members (Chacko Sir and Lovely Miss) travel to Hampi via Mysuru and then to Goa for the New Year's Eve. Varun organizes the trip as he's recommended by the whole class.

Gautham and Devika are the lovebirds of the group, with Gautham's talent in western music being the spark kindling the relationship. While Gautham is no longer interested in western music and wish to pursue Hindustani classical music; he is forced to mask that part of his identity from Devika for the fear of how her reaction will be. Diya with her lovely nature had been the fascination of Akshay's dreams for a long time, which is known to everyone, except her. The lively nature of Diya had attracted many others in the past (including Varun, known only to Kuppi), who obviously confess their feelings only to get turned down as she never adds a different colour to her friendships. Akshay, being apprehensive, never wishes to do the same and hopes that she likes him on her own terms. He never even talks to her and his friends recommend that he can never pray for a better chance than their first year IV. Akshay is also hunted by many fears including fear of water, fear of heights, among others; but the worst one being his fear of future, as he is often being compared with his successful elder brother, Akash, who set the standards too high. Varun had earlier confessed his feelings to Diya, who rejected the proposal hoping to remain friends. With a feeling of insult, he couldn't do that anymore, leading him to his familiar trait of anger and distant nature. He even remains hostile to another classmate who has a crush on him. The girl, on various occasions, tries to approach him, but each time he dispassionately avoids her. In spite of his cold attitude, he is respected among his friends and classmates alike for his discipline and efficiency. He is often too detached from the group carrying on with his responsibilities, that it comes to the notice of even their bus driver, Josettan. Diya, whose parents just got divorced joins the trip as an escape from her distress. She doesn't reveal about the divorce to her dear friends – Devika and Darshana or any others for the fear of their sympathy, which can make the situation even more difficult on her. She easily manages to hide her secrets in her cheerful semblance. Kuppi's only intention coming for the IV was to have a good time with his three best friends, which is often denied due to the occurrences around him. Darshana, a reserved person by nature, thinks the world of her friends, being a silent partner in all their activities and a curious observer to all the happenings around them. Her only outlet of emotions is her sketchbook that she holds dear and private.

During the trip, Diya succeeds in talking to Varun. She resolves their differences to slowly gain back her old friend. Akshay's friends manage to seat Diya near him during the overnight journey to Goa, whereby Akshay finally gets a chance to privately talk to her. They converse through the night, where Diya grows fond of someone for the first time. With a little nudge from her friends, Diya starts to reciprocate Akshay's feelings. Coming to know of Akshay's irrational fears, Diya gets him to face his fears, starting with the adventure sport of bungee jumping. With his first fear conquered, he does the same with his next by finally confessing his feelings to Diya, which she welcomes.

Diya opens up about her parent's divorce to Akshay, which he accidentally reveals to Gautham and through him to Devika, who openly consoles Diya revealing the secret to the whole group. At the same time, Kuppi in a state of intoxication reveals every other secrets about the group – Diya's relation with Akshay, Varun's proposal and Gautham's fear, to everyone else. Offended, Diya retreats to her room. Coming back to his senses, Kuppi realizes how bad his act was. On the next day (also the last day of the trip), Kuppi apologizes to his best friends revealing how tough it was for him to be denied their presence and they reconcile. Gautham reveals his interests to Devika, who gradually accepts and share in his likes. Meanwhile, Varun learns that their expensive tickets to the New Year's party are fake. To his surprise, no one blames him and the group now has a huge task to search for another party.

Diya still stays away from the group, mainly because she can't come to grips with her mother leaving her father. She doesn't talk to anyone including Akshay, much to the dismay of the group. During the search for a party, Akshay runs into his "ideal" brother, Akash, partying in Goa. Although astonished at the find, they share a talk, whereby Akshay no longer fears for his future. With his brother's help he finds an Origami themed party for the night (as Diya likes them). On Akshay's initiative, his professor instigates a talk between Diya's father and Diya, over the phone. Her father reveals the facts behind the divorce and she gets told that the divorce is not that difficult on him, as she imagines it to be. With a feeling of relief despite being sad, she finally rejoins the group for the party. During the party, Darshana shows Diya her sketchbook, which reveals how Akshay and Diya filled her thoughts of late and how happy she was, when she was with him. Diya confesses her feelings to Akshay, rekindling their relationship. Also, Varun apologizes to Diya for his prolonged unfriendly behaviour. He then joins the group for the first time, to celebrate the New Year after Josettan tells him "you can never find time for happiness if you wait for your responsibilities to end, as time slips through your fingers before you even know it."

Back in college, the 'changed' Akshay and Diya are now a couple. Varun is more friendly and content. Kuppi pursues a photography initiative with his new girlfriend Cathy, whom he met whilst on the trip. Devika developed a liking for Hindustani music, like Gautham and he, on the other hand, overcame his fear of needles to get a couples tattoo with Devika. Darshana is more open about her drawings to her intimate friends.


  • Arun Kurian as Varun Manjooran
  • Vishak Nair as K. Unnikrishnan Pillai/Kuppi
  • Roshan Mathew as Gautham Roy / Rockstar Gautham
  • Siddhi Mahajankatti as Diya
  • Thomas Mathew as Akshay
  • Annu Antony as Devika / Devooty
  • Anarkali Marikar as Darshana Maliakal (also the narrator)
  • Nivin Pauly as Akash, Akshay's Brother (Cameo)
  • Renji Panicker as Diya's Father (Cameo)
  • Dr Rony David as Chacko Sir
  • Vinitha Koshy as Lovely Miss
  • Rajesh Sharma as Josettan (Bus Driver)
  • Asha Sarath as Diya's mother (Photo footage)
  • Aju Varghese as Fake ticket seller (Photo footage)
  • Serah Mathews as Cathy
  • Dhiru Mahajankatti as Boban Sir (HOD)
  • Kottayam Pradeep as Professor Kanjikuzhi
  • Reshma Nair as Tara
  • Anand Babu as himself
  • Nived PS as Anand's friend
  • Jyotish MK as Nived's friend
  • Rameez Poyil as Jyotish's friend
  • Jithin George as Rameez's friend
  • Arvind Reghu as Jithin's friend
  • Arun George as Arvind's friend
  • Akshay Anilkumar as Arun's friend
  • Megha Mathew as Shwetha


Soundtrack album by
Released17 September 2016 (2016-09-17)
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelSatyam Audios

Songs are composed by Sachin Warrier, which his debut film as a music director. Lyrics were penned by Vineeth Sreenivasan, Manu Manjith, Sachin Warrier and Anu Elizabeth Jose.

Malayalam Track listing
1."Oru Naattil"Manu ManjithVineeth Sreenivasan, Apoorva Bose02:48
2."Dooreyo"Vineeth SreenivasanVishak Nair, Suchith Suresan, Ashwin Gopakumar, Sachin Warrier04:10
3."Khule Rasthon Pe"Sachin WarrierRaghu Dixit02:26
4."Payye Veeshum Kattil"Anu Elizabeth JoseAshwin Gopakumar, Sneha Warrier04:39
5."Nilaavil Ellaame"Anu Elizabeth JoseSachin Warrier03:23
6."Rathivilaasam" Vineeth Sreenivasan 
Total length:18:02
Telugu Track listing
1."Anaganaga"VanamaliKrishna Chaitanya02:36
2."Nammelaga Lede"VanamaliKrishna Chaitanya, Manisha04:16
3."Evvala Kannullo"VanamaliHymath02:46
4."Ee Prayanamlo"VanamaliHymath, Manisha04:10
Total length:13:48

Box officeEdit

The film was a commercial success, grossing 20 crore against a budget of 4 crore.[1][7]


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