A Work in Progress (book)

A Work in Progress is an American memoir written by YouTuber and entrepreneur Connor Franta. It was published in April 2015 by Atria/Keywords Press.[1][2][3][4] It centers around Connor Franta's life, his childhood, his current life and his future aspirations. Franta went on a promotional tour for the book in the United States, United Kingdom as well as promotion during the Amplify Live Australian Tour in 2015. In May 2016, a hardcover version was made available through a public release.[5] A second hardcover book featuring a different cover, was also released in 2016. The book was succeeded by Franta's 2017 memoir, Note to Self.

A Work in Progress
A Work in Progress Connor Franta.jpg
Original cover art
AuthorConnor Franta
CountryUnited States
PublishedApril 2015 (Keywords Press)
Media type
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Audiobook


The book appeared at #8 on the New York Times,[6] Publishers Weekly,[7] and The Times[8] best seller lists. The book is the winner of the 2015 "Goodreads Choice Awards Best Memoir & Autobiography".[9]

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