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First edition (publ. Coward McCann)

A Subtreasury of American Humor is a 1941 anthology edited by E. B. White and Katharine White, of contemporary United States humor writers. Both editors were long-time contributors of The New Yorker, and the collection has been sometimes termed as "the New Yorker school of American Humor."[1] Kurt Vonnegut said in 1976 that "an awful lot" of his work is rooted in this single book.[2]

Following the success of the book, the following year Morris Bishop published A Treasury of British Humor.[3]


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  2. ^ Kurt Vonnegut (1976) interview with Charles Reilly, in Conversations with Kurt Vonnegut quote:

    An awful lot of what I do is rooted in one book, which is E.B. White and Katherine White's Subtreasury of American Humor. It's a wonderful anthology, filled with the kind of splendid humor which has made us famous around the world -- you know, Mark Twain, Artemis Ward. There were a lot of funny people around.

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