A Secret History of Pandora's Box

A Secret History of Pandora's Box is an English erotic novel published anonymously in 1742 by the London publishers Mary Cooper and her husband.[1] Its focus on the female genitalia proceeds with reference to Greek and Roman mythology, a common trope of the time.[2] Another common and more specific trope in much erotic fiction of the time is allegorizing "the parts of the female sex" as a cave. The trope of Pandora's box was already associated with the female body in the previous decade, in Jonathan Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room",[3] and A Secret History proposes that the female parts "may well have been the original Pandora's box". The connection is found in subsequent erotic fiction as well.[2]

A Secret History of Pandora's Box
GenreErotic fiction
Publishedfor T. Cooper, 1742
Media typeBook

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