A Peasant on a Bicycle

A Peasant on a Bicycle (Bulgarian: Селянинът с Колелото, romanizedSelyaninat s Koleloto) is a Bulgarian drama film released in 1974, directed by Lyudmil Kirkov, starring Georgi Georgiev - Gets, Diana Chelebieva, Georgi Rusev and Evstati Stratev.

Селянинът с Колелото
(A Peasant on a Bicycle)
Georgi Georgiev - Gets as the Peasant on a Bicycle
Directed byLyudmil Kirkov
Written byGeorgi Mishev
StarringGeorgi Georgiev - Gets
Georgi Rusev
Diana Chelebieva
Svetoslav Peev
Evstati Stratev
Music byBoris Karadimchev
Release date
  • 22 November 1974 (1974-11-22)
Running time
102 minutes


Born in the small village of Yugla, Yordan (Gets) lives with his family in the nearby town. Filled with homesickness he takes every opportunity, traveling usually by his bicycle, to visit the more and more depopulated village. And that's how, mounted on the bike his life passes between the town and Yugla. During one of the visits to his old home he meets the newly appointed young pharmacist Maglena (Chelebieva). She is accommodated in his country house. Little by little Yordan falls in love with her.

Burning with love for both Maglena and the country life he starts persuading managers and colleagues, in the factory where he works, to move one of the workshops to the village of Yugla. He dreams that the far-off days of rural vitality can be born anew. He believes that in this way the young people will come back. But his nostalgia is not understood by the people. No one follows him. Moreover, he becomes gradually aware that Maglena, his new love, is from the different world of the new generation. He finally understands that those times are long gone and the only things remaining are the bicycle and loneliness.


Production company:

The film is also translated as The Peasant with the Bike [1]

Filmed: 1974; Premiere: 22 November 1974 [2]



A reported 1,009,283 admissions were recorded for the film in cinemas throughout Bulgaria.[3]

The film was subsumed among the 50 golden Bulgarian films in the book by the journalist Pencho Kovachev. The book was published in 2008 by "Zahariy Stoyanov" publishing house.

There were the following publications:[4]

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  • Otechestven Front news paper, vol.9321-21.11.1974 - by E. Vasileva
  • FILM ART magazine, vol. 10,1973,p. 89 - published the screenplay
  • Bulgarian Film Magazine, vol.5, 1975,p. 14 - by G. Mishev
  • National Culture news paper, vol. 49-30.11.1974 - by V. Naydenova
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FBFF Varna'74 (Festival for Bulgarian Featured Films)[4]

9th Moscow International Film Festival[5][4]


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