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A Long Walk to Water

First edition (publ. Clarion Books) By Linda Sue Park

A Long Walk to Water is a short novel written by Linda Sue Park and published in 2010. It includes the true story of Salva Dut, a part of the Dinka tribe and a Sudanese Lost Boy, and the fictional story of Nya, a young village girl that was a part of the Nuer tribe. Park used this book as a platform to support Dut's program, Water for South Sudan.



Salva DutEdit

Salva is a young 11-year-old boy separated from his family during a war in what is now South Sudan because of the Second Sudanese Civil War. He has to walk for weeks with only the hope that one day he will find his family again. Salva also struggles to find food and water to survive along with avoiding gunmen, lions and other threats. Salva leads 1500 fellow lost boys to a refugee camp near the Gilo River. Seven years later, he arrives in America. He lives with a family in Rochester, New York. Many years later he finds his father and starts a volunteer group to build wells in South Sudan called Water for South Sudan.


Nya is an 11-year-old girl who walks 8 hours to fetch water twice every single day. She and her family live in South Sudan in 2008. Her family home is far from the nearest pond, where she walks twice a day to support her parents and younger sister, Akeer. Throughout the story, a well is built in her village so she will not have to walk so far and drink unsafe water. A school and a hospital are built in her village, and she goes to school. Soon after, a market is built as well. She then introduces herself to Salva at the end.

Water for South SudanEdit

Water for South Sudan is a program created by Salva Dut which drills wells for villages in South Sudan.[citation needed]