A Kind of America

A Kind of America (Hungarian: Valami Amerika) is a Hungarian comedy film from 2002.

A Kind of America
Hungarian Poster
Directed byGábor Herendi
Produced byGábor Herendi
Gábor Kálomista
Written byGábor Herendi
Gyula Márton
StarringTibor Szervét
Csaba Pindroch
Győző Szabó
Eszter Ónodi
Szonja Oroszlán
Ferenc Hujber
Ila Schütz
Gabriella Hámori
Music byGábor Pálvölgyi
CinematographyJordi Reixach
Edited byIstván Király
Release date
  • 31 January 2002 (2002-01-31) (Hungary)
Running time
115 minutes


The film is situated in Budapest, where the brothers Ákos, András, and Tamás live. Tamás is a director of video clips and commercials, but dreams of directing a feature film. He has written a script with the title 'The Guilty City', but has trouble financing the project. At his surprise, he receives an email from an American film producer named Alex Brubeck, who writes that he likes the script. Offering to pay half the budget, he wants to meet Tamás personally in Budapest to talk things through. With the help of his brothers Ákos, a successful manager and sex addict, and András, a failed poet, he does everything to impress the American producer.

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