A Great Life

A Great Life (Russian: Большая жизнь, romanizedBolshaya zhizn) is a 1939 Soviet drama film directed by Leonid Lukov.[2][3][4]

A Great Life
Russian: Большая жизнь
Directed byLeonid Lukov
Written byPavel Nilin[1]
CinematographyIvan Shekker
Music byNikita Bogoslovskiy
Release date
Running time
94 min.
CountrySoviet Union


A small mining village in the Donbass lives a working life. Three months ago, a new party organizer, Khadarov, came to the mine. With his arrival life revived both in the village and at the mine. Work is underway to re-equip the mine. The Party organizer supports the initiative of the young engineer Petukhov, who, with the support of experienced miners, is developing a new method of coal mining. But not everyone believes in the success of the new method. More than others, the chairman of the mine committee Usynin expresses his doubts, a man who is afraid of any responsibility and always tries to stay on the sidelines. He is still trying to stop innovation at the mine, fearing responsibility for possible failures. In any case, the adopted son assures others that the method developed by Petukhov is doomed to failure. Unable to withstand the humiliation and insults, Petukhov is going to leave the mine. But mine veterans Kuzma Kozodoev and Viktor Bugorkov believe in the success of the new method and persuade Petukhov to stay at the mine and continue the work begun. Khadarov supports them in this. When the chief engineer Ivanov fell ill, Khadarov insisted that Petukhov be entrusted with the duties. The confidence of the management made the young engineer with renewed vigor finish the work on the introduction of a new method of coal mining.[5]



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