A Fortress in the Mountains

A Fortress in the Mountains (Russian: Застава в горах, romanizedZastava v gorakh) is a 1953 Soviet adventure film directed by Vladimir Gerasimov and Konstantin Yudin and starring Vladlen Davydov, Marina Kuznetsova and Yelena Shatrova.[1] It was made by Mosfilm using the Sovcolor process. It was the third most successful Soviet film at the box office that year, with attendance figures of 44.8 million.[2]

A Fortress in the Mountains
A Fortress in the Mountains.jpg
Directed byVladimir Gerasimov
Konstantin Yudin
Written byNikolay Erdman
Mikhail Volpin
Music byAntonio Spadavekkia
CinematographyTimofei Lebeshev
Release date
7 November 1953
Running time
99 minutes
CountrySoviet Union

The film is an early Cold War action thriller, set in Central Asia,


From Moscow arrives Senior Lieutenant Lunin to the frontier who is assigned as its deputy chief. Due to the illness of the former chief, the lieutenant has to take command of the outpost. At the same time foreign intelligence is trying to enter the USSR territory. Near the state border under the guise of archaeologists spies under the name of Stanley and Marrow are deployed. The local Basmach gang of Ismail-Beg who are paid by their leadership, is trying to make an attack on Soviet territory as a diversion to their main operation - their imperceptible transition to the Soviet side. However, the operation fails; the gang is broken up, its remnants thrown over the border river and the violator spies are arrested and exposed.



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