A Factory Sample

A Factory Sample is a 7-inch double sampler EP released on 24 December 1978 by Factory Records of Manchester, England. Funded by a small inheritance which had recently been bequeathed to Tony Wilson,[2] it was the first vinyl recording to be released by the label (FAC 1 was a concert at The Factory). The cover of the EP is made of rice paper, dyed silver and sealed inside a thin plastic bag.

A Factory Sample
A Factory Sampler.png
EP by
Various artists
Released24 December 1978[1]
RecordedCargo Studios, Rochdale, 11 October 1978[1]
GenrePost-punk, industrial, comedy
LabelFactory Records
ProducerMartin Zero, Laurie Latham, C.P. Lee and Cabaret Voltaire
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The Joy Division tracks were later re-released on the band's 1988 compilation album Substance.

The Cabaret Voltaire tracks were later re-released on the 1990 double disc rarities compilation Listen Up With Cabaret Voltaire.[3]

Track listingEdit

2x7" vinyl (Factory FAC 2)
Side A (Aside)
  1. Joy Division: "Digital" (Curtis, Hook, Morris, Sumner) – 2:50
  2. Joy Division: "Glass" (Curtis, Hook, Morris, Sumner) – 3:51
  • Vinyl etching: EVERYTHING
Side B (Beside)
  1. The Durutti Column: "No Communication" (The Durutti Column) – 4:57
  2. The Durutti Column: "Thin Ice (Detail)" (The Durutti Column) – 3:16
  • Vinyl etching: IS REPAIRABLE
Side C (Seaside)
  1. John Dowie: "Acne" (Dowie) – 1:43
  2. John Dowie: "Idiot" (Dowie) – 1:53
  3. John Dowie: "Hitler's Liver" (Dowie) – 2:27
  • Vinyl etching: EVERYTHING
Side D (Decide)
  1. Cabaret Voltaire: "Baader Meinhof" (Cabaret Voltaire) – 3:15
  2. Cabaret Voltaire: "Sex in Secret" (Cabaret Voltaire) – 3:28
  • Vinyl etching: IS BROKEN


Joy DivisionEdit

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Cabaret VoltaireEdit


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