A Crime in a School

A Crime in a School (Zločin u školi) is a 1982 Croatian film directed by Branko Ivanda, starring Zlatko Vitez. It is based on Stroj za maglu, a novel by Pavao Pavličić.[1] The film received the Kodak-Pathé Award for Cinematography at the 29th Pula Film Festival.[1][2]

A Crime in a School
A Crime in a School poster.jpg
CroatianZločin u školi
Directed byBranko Ivanda
Written by
Based onStroj za maglu
by Pavao Pavličić
Music byAlfi Kabiljo
CinematographyIvica Rajković
Edited byIngeborg Fülepp
Release date
Running time
106 min.


Zlatko Kovač (Zlatko Vitez), a small-town professor of Croatian language, moves to Zagreb to a new job in a gymnasium. He learns that his predecessor, professor Toth, died in the school in suspicious circumstances. One morning, he discovers a dead man in the teachers' staffroom. While the police fail to make progress in solving the case, Kovač finds out that what the two dead men had in common was an event during the student protests of 1968 to which he was himself an accidental witness. He is convinced that the murderer is one of the school's staff and plans to entrap him at the celebration of the school's 30th anniversary.


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