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A Couple More Years is an album by Ronnie Drew and Eleanor Shanley, released in 2000.

A Couple More Years
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The Humour Is on Me Now
A Couple More Years
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Eleanor Shanley was a member of De Danann, who had recorded Bob Dylan's "Boots of Spanish Leather" with The Dubliners on their 30 Years A-Greying album. Also featured are Mike Hanrahan and Bill Shanley as backup guitarists. A video of this show was also released.

"A Couple More Years" was written by Shel Silverstein and recorded by Willie Nelson.

Track listingEdit

Source: iTunes[2]

1."A Couple More Years"4:50
2."Johnny Lovely Johnny"3:31
3."Ronnie Story 1"2:11
4."Boots of Spanish Leather"4:53
5."Ronnie Story 2"2:58
6."What Will We Tell the Children"3:52
7."Dreaming My Dreams"3:34
8."Journey's End"3:00
9."Hard Times"4:10
10."Ronnie Story 3"1:04
11."Viva La Quinta Brigada"4:40
12."Ronnie Story 4"0:23
13."The Young Man Who Used to Be"3:21
14."Ronnie Story 5"0:45
15."Brian Og and Mollie Ban"3:06
16."Restless Farewell/Parting Glass"6:20
17."Ronnie Story 6"0:54
18."We Had It All"4:14


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