Antenna Group, better known as ANT1 Group, is a media company in Greece and is currently the largest Greek media company. It was established on 9 August 1989 by Minos Kyriakou, the president and founder of Antenna Group. Today Kyriakou heads up a media empire whose operations include broadcasting, publishing, Internet services, telecommunications and a record label. At the cornerstone of the company is ANT1 TV, one of the largest and most successful private television networks in Greece.

ANT1 Group
Privately held company
Founded9 August 1989
HeadquartersAthens, Greece,
also operates in Cyprus, Romania, Montenegro, & Serbia.
Key people
Theodore Kyriakou (Chairman)
ProductsBroadcasting, Publishing, Telecommunication
RevenueIncrease 563 million (2014)
Increase 201 million (2014)
OwnerTheodore Kyriakou
WebsiteAntenna Group

ANT1 Group has also expanded its operations abroad, launching international feeds of ANT1 TV for Greek audiences abroad. It now operates stations serving North America, Europe, Australia/Asia and a regional feed of ANT1 Cyprus.


ANT1 Group started on 9 August 1989 with the launch of ANT1 Radio 97.2 (now Easy 97.2), a radio station in Athens. The popularity of this service led it to launch sister station ANT1 Radio 97.5 Thessaloniki (now Easy 97.5) in Thessaloniki later the same year. The following year Antenna Group expanded operations launching ANT1 Television, one of Greece's first private networks and one of the highest rated for many years.

In 1993, ANT1 Group expanded yet again, this time internationally launching ANT1 Satellite and ANT1 Pacific. ANT1 Satellite was the first Greek network to broadcast to audiences in North America while ANT1 Pacific brought the 'best of' ANT1 TV to Australia and the pacific rim.

In subsequent years, ANT1 Group has expanded its business beyond the broadcasting world, including launching Antenna Internet (provides free internet access, music downloading and long-distance calling), Audiotex (telecommunications company), Daphne Communications S.A. (publishing company), Niki Publishing (printing company), Heaven Music (recording label) and ANTEL (wireless transmission).

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In March 2011, Dish Network renews multi-year contract with Antenna Group for Greek programming,[1] includes future launch of Antenna Prime, featuring live soccer and classic Greek shows. The agreement ensures continued carriage of Greek-language channels in US.



TV Greece


  • Planet TV
  • Planet 24
  • Planet Plus


Former channels

  • ANT1 Prime (classic ANT1 programming service in North America)
  • Blue (music video channel in North America & Australia)


  • Rythmos 94.9 FM (Athens)
  • Easy 97.2 FM (Athens)
  • Easy 97.5 FM (Thessaloniki)
  • ANT1 FM 102.7 & 103.7 (Cyprus)
  • Kiss FM (Romania and Moldova)
  • Magic FM (Romania)
  • Rock FM (Romania)
  • One FM (Romania)


  • Antenna Internet (Internet service, music downloading)
  • ANTEL (wireless transmission of data)
  • Audiotex (mobile phone service)


  • Daphne Communications S.A. (publishing company)
  • Niki Publishing (printing company)


  • Heaven Music (record label)
  • Antenna Open School (TV/Radio broadcasting)
  • Fame Studio (school of music production, phonetic arts & lyrics, only one of its kind in Greece)


  • ANT1 Visa (credit card business in collaboration with Alpha & Emporiki Bank)
  • Mediterranean (business journal)

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