AK Azad Khan is a physician and a social worker from Bangladesh. In 2018, he was awarded the Independence Award for his contributions in social-welfare. He was appointed National Professor by the government of Bangladesh on 2021.[1][2]

AK Azad Khan
এ কে আজাদ খান
Known forSocial Worker, Physician, Professor
AwardsIndependence Award (2018)

Education edit

On 1958 AK Azad Khan passed with highest marks[citation needed] in matriculation from Saint Alfred's Highschool in Padrishibpur. Later in 1960 he passed intermediate from Dhaka College and complete his medical degrees from Dhaka Medical College.[3]

Family life edit

AK Azad Khan's wife is the physician professor Kishowar Azad. Khan's father-in-law is the infamous national professor and founder of BIRDEM, Muhammad Ibrahim. Khan has two sons Faruq Azam Khan and Foyez Aseef Khan.[4]

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References edit

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