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Station logo of AFN Berlin
This transmitter at Clayallee was also used to broadcast AFN TV Berlin, 1986.

AFN Berlin was a US-American military broadcast station located at Podbielskiallee 23 in Berlin-Dahlem. It started broadcasting at noon on August 4, 1945, with the Rhapsody in Blue from George Gershwin. The TV studio was located on Saargem�nder Strasse, across from the Berlin Brigade Headquarters compound.

During the Berlin Blockade AFN Berlin started broadcasting around the clock. After the building of the Berlin Wall AFN Berlin radio then stayed on the air 24 hours until July 1994. TV programming was normally from 15:00 to 01:00 weekdays and 12:00 to 01:00 on weekends during the mid 1970s.

AFN Berlin had three stations:

  • a mediumwave AM station at 1107 kHz
  • an FM station at 87.85 MHz (adjusted to 87.9 MHz at a later stage, called 88FM)
  • a TV station on UHF channel E29 (US channel 25) broadcasting in NTSC (thus requiring a multistandard set for German viewers) with a low power transmitter limited to southwestern districts of Berlin

Until November 23, 1978, the AM frequency was 935 kHz. Due to the agreements in the Geneva Frequency Plan the frequency was changed to 1107 kHz.

On July 15, 1994, AFN Berlin broadcast a 3-hour special broadcast on both radio frequencies, which was transmitted live into 54 countries. Afterwards, seconds before 14:00, AFN Berlin ceased transmitting after playing the national anthem of the United States of America.


Radio (88FM)Edit

  • A Morning Show (Mon-Fri)
  • An Afternoon Show (Mon-Fri)
  • The Juice
  • Disco
  • Frolic at Five (AM only)

Special live broadcasts from the German-American Volksfest at the H�ttenweg in Berlin-Dahlem and
from the Day of Open House at the Tempelhof Central Airport (TCA)


  • Berlin Tonight (Daily News)
  • Berlin PM (interview show)
  • Berlin Tonight late edition (late news)
  • Discover Berlin (trailers of Berlin sights)
  • The Berlin Ramblers (30-minute live country music show, 1968 one Saturday afternoon monthly)
  • Berlin Midday
  • Snowball Satellite (Christmas)
  • P.L.P.'s Workshop (Children's show Saturday Mornings)
  • Forum (News Magazine)
  • Get it Together (TV quiz show)

People of AFN BerlinEdit


  • David MacDonald
  • Jacques Bannamon
  • Jay Juliano
  • Fred Cochran
  • Rik DeLisle
  • Jo Eager
  • Eric Engbretson
  • Rebecca Easley
  • Lee Heft
  • Maj. Jack Maloney (station commander)
  • Mark White (Programming)(Rest in peace brother)
  • Dick Rosse (news)
  • George Hudak (Frolic At Five)
  • Bob Lewis
  • Mitch Farrell
  • Ken McGyver
  • Jim Stutzman
  • Ralph Stinson
  • Jean Vavrin (cooking show)
  • Joey Welzant (engineer)
  • Mike Marshall
  • Jan Wood
  • Ted Shrady
  • Steve Kostelac
  • Magnificent Magoo (Jim McCauley)
  • Bob Selleck
  • Dan Simmons
  • Tom Tucker
  • Hank Minitrez
  • Bill Gaylord
  • Paul Dandridge (until Sept. 1968)
  • Terence Rousseau
  • Bob Woodley
  • Paul Ramirez
  • Brian Hart (news)
  • Patrick McGuire
  • Vicki Washington
  • Keya Newman
  • Christina Leaird
  • Gage Mace
  • Jim Cyr
  • Danette Rodesky
  • Jerry Cormier
  • Jeanine Kabrich
  • Mike Niederer
  • Larry Sem
  • Joel O'Brien
  • Jay Brady
  • Mike Piper (news)
  • Denis Sloan
  • Rick Himot
  • John Proffitt
  • Ed Tooma
  • Jim Kane
  • Ed Poston (news)
  • Edward Theodore Faircloth
  • Gail Anderson
  • Henry Michael (Ogrodzinski )
  • Paul Markey (Intern)
The evening TV news set at AFN Berlin in 1982 with (L-R) David Sullivan (sports), Loretta Nosworthy (weather), Cambria Pendleton (co-anchor) and Kyle King (main anchor). Photo slides from the AP and UPI news agencies were keyed electronically on the blue background.


  • David MacDonald
  • Jacques Bannamon
  • Rebecca Easley
  • Hank Minitrez
  • Dan Quakkelaar
  • Bob Selleck
  • Bill Gaylord
  • Terence Rousseau
  • Brian Hart
  • Patrick McGuire
  • Vicki Washington
  • Keya Newman
  • Christina Leaird
  • Jim Cyr
  • Bob Woodley
  • Paul Ramirez
  • Peter Dolle
  • Kyle King
  • Danette Rodesky
  • Jerry Cormier
  • Dave Shepard
  • Jeanine Kabrich
  • Dave Sullivan
  • Tom Hoban
  • Bill Bright (Rest in peace brother.)
  • Vince Turella (Rest in peace brother.)
  • Debbie Frantz (Rest in peace sister.)
  • Joel O'Brien
  • Susan Ward
  • Mike Nussbaumer
  • Dave Dudding
  • Dave Jimanez
  • Mike Pernatozzi (Rest in peace brother.)
  • John Rees
  • Bruce Dortin (Rest in peace brother.)
  • Rick Saltzman
  • Ron Grabert
  • Jim Mauzy
  • Jim Wright
  • Kip Rummel
  • John Orton
  • John O'Conner
  • Dennis Hannon (Rest in peace brother.)
  • Don Browers
  • Wayne Boyles
  • Danny Gates (Rest in peace brother.)
  • Al Scully
  • Mike Niederer
  • Peggy Foster
  • Barry Cantor
  • Gail Anderson
  • Barbara Beimly
  • Eldee McGill Jr (Rest in Peace Brother)
  • Paul Markey (Intern)
  • Chris Dancey (Intern)
  • Al Cunningham (NCOIC Studio Operation)
  • Russell Reed
  • Larry Wilson
  • Ralph Bremer
  • Jack Arnold
  • Linda Arnold
  • Lionel Cantu
  • Rick Mack
  • Jinny Peek

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