A61 autoroute

The A61 autoroute is a French motorway forming part of the Autoroute de Deux Mers. It is 147.5 kilometres (91.7 mi) long.

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It connects Narbonne (and a junction on A9) and Toulouse, where it becomes the A62 towards Bordeaux. It also has junctions with the A64 towards Bayonne and A68 towards Albi on the outskirts of Toulouse. It is totally a toll road and operated by ASF. It is with 2x2 lanes on the majority of its course except for the section between Toulouse and the junction with A66 close to Villefranche-de-Lauragais which is 2x3 lanes. It is also the European route E80.


  •  Exchange A61-A68-A62 Junction with A62 to Bordeaux and A68 to Albi.
  •  15 km 231 (La Roseraie) Towns served: Toulouse
  •  16 km 233 (Soupetard) Towns served: Toulouse
  •  17 km 235 (Lasbordes) Towns served: Toulouse, Castres via RN126.
  •  18 km 236 (Montaudran) Towns served: Toulouse
  •  19 km 239 (Le Palays-A620) Junction with A620 spur to Toulouse Centre.
  •  Péage de Toulouse sud
    •  Service Area km 248: Toulouse sud
    •  Rest Area km 256: Ayguesvives/Baziège
  •  Exchange A61-A66 Junction with the A66 to Pamiers, Andorra and Barcelona.
  •  20 km 264 (Villefranche de Lauragais) Towns served: Gardouch, Villefranche-de-Lauragais
    •  Rest Area km 265: Renneville/Villefranche
    •  Rest Area km 274: Port Lauragais
  •  21 km 288 (Castelnaudary) Towns served: Castelnaudary
    •  Rest Area km 292: Mireval/Castelnaudary
  •  22 km 302 (Bram) Towns served: Bram
    •  Rest Area km 303: Montréal/Bram
    •  Service Area km 312: Carcassonne-Arzens
  •  23 km 319 (Carcassonne ouest) Towns served: Carcassonne
    •  Rest Area km 323: Belvédère d'Auriac/Belvédère de la Cité
  •  24 km 329 (Carcassonne est) Towns served: Carcassonne
    •  Service Area km 340: Les Corbières
    •  Rest Area km 354: Fontcouverte/La Peyrière
  •  25 km 357 (Lézignan) Towns served: Lézignan-Corbières
    •  Rest Area km 366: Bizanet
    •  Rest Area km 375: Narbonne Jonquières
    •  Rest Area km 376: Pech Loubat
  •  Exchange A9-A61 Junction with the A9 to Perpignan, Narbonne and Orange.

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